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      The two movements are symmetrical, exactly the same as the layout of the front dial.The difference from the old model is that the new model is a self-winding movement, and the water resistance has also been increased from 100 meters to 200 meters.In addition, BMG-TECH?, also known as 'metallic glass', is a bulk metallic glass with disordered atomic structure formed by high-pressure injection molding at high temperature, but it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, external impact resistance and magnetic resistance. 2017 Launched PAM692 full BMG-TECH? material diving series diving watch, 2019 PAM799 uses BMG-TECH? to create a case with matte black Carbotech? material bezel, and boldly use blue luminous hour markers, hands , Scale.





      This year the Spitfire series launched many new models, including the large pilot's perpetual calendar watch, the pilot's world time zone watch 'the longest flight' limited edition, the pilot's UTC world standard time watch 'MJ-271' special edition, the pilot's chronograph watch and Pilot's automatic watches, rich choices.I can’t elaborate on the top-notch and complex craftsmanship of the Grand Ziming here, and there is not enough space to talk about the patented technology of the Audemars Piguet Supersonnerie, and even this is an extremely rare clock-style three-hammer three-spring Grand Ziming watch. Not to mention that I hen’t really said enough about the exquisiteness of AnitaPorchet’s gold-pointing process on this watch. I even think that this powerful dual AP super watch is unique enough to make me Write a book to analyze.First, of course, how much money should be prepared?



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