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      Ref.5039 adopts the most balanced pocket watch symmetrical layout. The center of the dial is with two 'hours and minutes' hands. The moon phase and date are at 6 o'clock. The small dial on the right is the leap year indicator and month, and the left is the week.Diving watches are considered 'sea' in the world of Breitling, including two important series, Superocean and Superocean Héritage.William Chan is an all-around entertainer who develops in many places, and Jaguar, which originated in England, also has the inherent all-round qualities of elegance and passion.





      Upon receipt of the news, this watch is currently on sale at a domestic price of RMB 16,600.TAG Heuer’s third-generation smart watch designer’s hand-drawn drawings. The physical characteristics of the TAG Heuer’s smart watch case meet ergonomic requirements to enhance the sporting experience and ensure more precise command execution: buttons at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock The application can be quickly started, and includes start, pause, resume and reset functions. If you need to scroll through the information on the screen, you can also use the rubber-coated crown. This convenient operation method is ideal for sports.However, in the highly complex design of the tourbillon device combined with the chronograph function, Lange inherited Lange from the founder Ferdy as early as 2005 in the Tourbograph 'Pourle Mérite' tourbillon chronograph style. Nando Adolf Lange's traditional ultra-high complexity craftsmanship is perfect.



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